Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Travel, Training and Rabat

So I dont have much time and my keyboard is shit so this will be short.

Training in philly was ok. kinda boring. but we got to meet our friends for the next two years so nice. i like the people a lot. everyone loves hiking and the outdoors so were already planning expiditions. one complaint: there isnt much diversity of any kind. 83 percent white. all college grads. all super liberal. oh well.

Rabat is awesome, from what ive seen. we took a walk in the medina (old city) today which was pretty sweet. also, we witnessed an unemployment protest on our way in. unfortunately, the peace corps doesnt allow public political commentary of any kind so i cant say anything more.

all i have time for now, hopefully more later.


Mark said...

Hey, Duncan. Good to get the first news from you in Rabat. Will you be able to post pictures on your blog? I will be sending you magazines today (3/6), so be on the lookout for them. Dad

Colton Bangs said...

dude dizz, gettin lazy on the blog already? what about your insane visit to swarthmore? anyway, glad you made it to morocco alright. we're pullin for you. colt

Dan said...

Yo dunc. So does the family you're staying with speak Arabic?

Alex said...

An awesome story about the plunger. I can't help but find it ironic that this unfortunate sequence of events prolonged to an almost unbearable extent an event at which you are normally and enviably the quickest person I know. Nevertheless, you remain my role model in this respect, though, not in this respect alone.

Question: Do you plan on informing the local population of your honorary member of the tribe status?

I miss you already. Good luck at the next stage.