Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quick Update and Photos


Reading over my last entry, I realized that it gives a negative impression of my experience with my host family. I’d like to correct that. Other than the one issue, it’s been an amazing time. The family is extremely generous and welcoming to me. They’re also very understanding of my language and cultural deficiencies. They like to spend time with me and engage me in conversation, even if it mostly involves hand gestures and other charades. And they always make a point of saying that I am not just a guest, but a member of the family.

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading my pictures. Unfortunately, the connection at the Internet cafes is very slow, so it takes a long time to get them up, which is why I didn’t post more. Hopefully they dont look as bad on your computer as they do on mine. Let me know about the quality.

This is a picture of us on our field trip, near Tata. As you can tell, it’s the desert.

My host family in the “living room/dining room,” where we spend most of our time. A lot of the family was missing for the picture.

My CBT group in our site, near Klah. As you can tell, it’s very beautiful.

Near our site.


Gayle said...

Wow what an experience you are having. I am happy to hear that you are not getting married (yet) as I am sure your dad is too. It sounds like you are getting the hang of it, learning the language and all. It is nice that you have an understanding family which to live with; this way you will learn what is acceptable and what is not. Sounds like they will let you know when you are making mistakes, like your chapstick and almost marriage. Your dad sent me your blog site and I read it once a week. It is very interesting reading and I love the pics! Keep them coming, they turned out nice. Take care
Gayle (pilates instructor)

Franny said...

yo dunc, i swear ill mail the two letters that ive written to you sometime soon. maybe even tomorrow! sounds like youre having a good time. miss you!

Diane P. said...

Hi Duncan, or should I call you Ishmael now?
Your mom gave me your blogspot address so I've caught up with your Moroccan adventures today and have loved it. I Google-Earthed Tounfite - looks like a great place to fly a kite with strong string, douse for water, and wish you'd brought extra long underwear. It will be ruggedly beautiful I'm sure. Am glad to hear you have a such a great host family who is teaching you the subtleties of the culture and language, not to mention courting rituals. It sounds way too easy to make the wrong move and end up in a pickle. All the best to you and may the breezes blow favorably in your direction. I look forward to keeping up with your adventures there.

Diane P.