Sunday, July 27, 2008

Harvest Time

Its harvest time in my village. People finished with Barley a couple weeks ago, but the big crop is wheat.

I went out with my host family to help out last week. Its slow, hard work. You use a sickle to cut off bunches of wheat, then you tie the wheat to itself in a bundle. When the field is finished, you load the wheat into a giant bag and put it on a donkey. The donkey takes the wheat back. There is a thresher that processes the wheat that is owned by some guy in a neighboring village. You pay him 50 DH (7 dollars) an hour to use his machine. Then you have wheat. Of course, to make bread, it needs to be sifted, cleaned, and ground.

Its long, slow work, but at the same time quite satisfying. Everyone in town is super tired right now, but also very happy. As the big harvest is coming to an end, the next month, August, is sort of a celebration month. Its wedding month so there are many parties, or so Im told. Of course everyone thinks that I should be getting married during wedding month.

In other news, I signed the agreement on my house. I cant move in for another couple weeks as some construction needs to be done on it first. But still, its exciting.

Hope all is well in the States. Sorry this post is kinda short, but Im typing on the cyber cafe keyboards which makes it harder.

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