Thursday, January 21, 2010

Foreign Affairs Letter to the Editor

First, thanks to Colton for last week's post. To answer Patti's question, Atman, according to my host father, means "hunger." It was (and continues to be) a joke with my host family that his name means hunger. However, no other Moroccan was able to corroborate this claim.

Second, I'm getting back into the swing of things after the vacation, which is good. There is lots of work going on. I'm preparing for a move to Boumia for the month of February.

Finally, I got a letter to the editor published in Foreign Affairs. You can read the letter at

I should have a substantial, original post up in a few days.


Franny said...

way to go dunc! miss you and im pumped for you to be home!

Patti said...

Good letter, Duncan. I would think a good start to changing people's centuries-ingrained habits would be to just focus on one influential person in the community. If you can get them to try the new technology, they will hopefully like it, recommend it, and influence others to make the switch, too. One obvious benefit for them to switch from wood burning heat to gas heat is that it's cleaner and neater. We use a wood-burning fireplace (with a catalytic converter) and it creates a constant mess in our house. Thanks for the meaning of Colton's Moroccan name. Did Colton look hungry to the vendor who gave him that name? He must have lost some weight on that trip!